What People are Saying

"Katie and Jennifer's Sound Journey was simply magical. It felt so healing and nurturing. I left in a deeply relaxed state feeling like I had a really long and needed rest. It is clear that they are so incredibly passionate about sound and healing. You can feel them embodying all they have learned and sharing their gifts so freely for those who choose to partake. You would be lucky to be in the presence of these two powerful and talented women." - Jennifer Mansell

"My sound journey with Katie and Jennifer was significant and reached a deep part of myself. To my surprise, the Koshi Chimes elicited tears that streamed down my face with a feeling of resonance of the sound of home. I felt relief, comfort, support and love. I felt a peace I haven't felt in a long time. For me, the power lies in the gentle and inviting space they created with impressive attunement to what the group needed. Integrity. I can't wait for your next sound healing journey!" - Karen McKinnon

“Besides enjoying the bliss of being bathed in the waves of beautiful harmonies, I could literally feel the vibration of these incredible instruments moving THROUGH my body and working inside to correct imbalances. I experienced first-hand how these layered vibrations and sounds absolutely bring real transformation to the physical body. I went home after the sound healing event and had the deepest sleep of my life - peaceful and in a harmonious state of love. I now have 100% conviction that sound healing is a KEY component to complement all other wellness modalities. I look forward to attending many more of your journeys!” - Melissa Porter