Sound Journey

A sound journey is an efficient way to de-clutter your mind and restore your body to optimal health.

Sound journeys help you to reach deeply meditative states without having to be an expert meditator, which can take years to master.

Sound healing instruments produce a variety of tones and frequencies that slow down the vibrations of your mind to a theta or delta state, which is similar to deep meditation or sleep state. It’s in this state that the body regenerates and restores itself on a cellular level.

As sound practitioners, we are passionate about creating a space to facilitate your inner transformation. A sound journey can benefit you in many ways, including clearing stuck energy, boosting your immune system, reducing chronic pain, and improving clarity and focus.

Come experience the beauty and magic of sound waves for yourself.


The Experience

During the sound journey you may sit or lay down in a restorative position that supports a state of total relaxation. As you open your mind and body to receive the sound vibrations, we facilitate a space for you to reconnect with your inner stillness within.

The instruments we play have been hand picked from our travels abroad, carrying their own unique frequency and vibration to support you on your healing journey. The sound vibrations created by these instruments amplify consciousness. As sound practitioners we hold the intention of amplifying love every time we play. We invite you to set a personal intention for your journey to direct your experience and help you manifest more of what you desire.

Each sound journey is a unique experience for the individual. Some common effects include falling asleep and waking up feeling deeply rejuvenated, connecting with your subconscious mind, or reconnecting to your heart and tuning into a deeper feeling of peace and love.


The Instruments

Crystal Singing Bowls

The notes of the crystal bowls are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies found within the human body. When the sound moves through the atmosphere and touches you, it causes your cells to move in rhythm with the sound wave. This puts you in harmony with the sound wave, rebalancing your cells and reenergizing your body.

Chiron Gong

The gong works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to purify and quiet the mind. It is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation.

 The gong produces a strong sound wave, which stimulates the physical body by increasing your vital life force and reenergizing your body. The gong sends listeners into an otherworldly realm, massaging and soothing every cell in the body with pure vibration and sound, supporting the healing of the deepest layers of your subconscious mind.

 Koshi Chimes

A state of balance, relief, serenity and peace is attained when listening to the sound of chimes. The beautiful melodies of chimes create a sense of joy, inner peace and natural calm. Perfectly tuned wind chimes enhance the sounds of nature and help create a flow of positive energy.

Quartzophone Duo

Quartzophone instruments are made with pure crystal tubes. They are powerful, high-energy sound tools for personal evolution and are an ideal tool for bringing about deep meditative states and transformation. They can be used to harmonize your energy centers, clear out undesirable energies, calm the mind, create bliss and bring peace to both the individual and the environment.