About Us

Toronto Sound Journey is dedicated to supporting you in disconnecting from the external world and reconnecting with your inner well-being.

We create environments where you can fully let go and allow the intelligence of sound frequency to restore your body on a cellular level.

With each sound journey we aim to bring you to a deeper state of peace, clarity and harmony within.


About Jennifer

Jennifer has been studying and practicing alternative healing modalities in Yoga, Sound, Meditation, Reiki and holistic wellness for over 10 years. She has had profound experiences working with both sound and meditation which have supported her in living a more well-balanced life and heightened her intuitive abilities as a medium.

Jennifer has a certification in sound healing through Shanti Sounds Costa Rica. She is passionate about offering sound journeys to support others to improve their well-being and enrich their day-to-day experience of life.


About Katie

Katie is an empowerment & transformation coach who is passionate about helping people to achieve greater well-being in their life. She has dedicated over 20 years to the study and practice of various alternative health and wellness modalities including holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, breathwork, pilates, ecstatic movement, Reiki and sound healing. 

Her approach to well-being is holistic in nature, recognizing that each aspect of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual influences your state of wellbeing.  Using her gifts of intuition and empathy to connect with each client she provides you with customized coaching and guidance to support you in achieving your health goals. 

Katie’s mission is to support her client community in cultivating & embodying more joy, fulfillment and pleasure in life.  She creates a safe space where, through movement, sound, and creative expression you can explore your unlimited potential for transformation and greater health and happiness. 

Katie is a Certified Sound Practitioner through Shanti Sounds Costa Rica; a graduate of Kinesiology from McMaster University; a Holistic Nutritionist from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition; and a certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master.